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"Reflections on Adoration of a Magi"- Oil on Canvas, 48" X48"

Artist Statement


My hopes are that my work challenges current perceptions of reality, be they political, environmental, technological, or social, and to have my art act as a fodder for the viewer to help gain clarity, play creatively with interpretation, and challenge or possibly confirm their understanding of the subject from the underlying metaphors and symbols that lay within. 


Growing up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh I had always been intrigued with nature, playing in the back woods of the neighborhood daily, sketching landscapes, flowers, and insects.  The appreciation for detail in nature led me to pursue a technical illustrator position for my early professional career with Westinghouse Corporation and Society of Automotive and Aerospace Engineers shortly after graduating art school. I later realized that it was the culmination of my early childhood observations of nature, and the detail pen and ink illustration requirements of being a technical illustrator (pre computers), that led me to appreciate the detail in man made objects as well and fed my desire to study nature even more carefully, looking for a deeper meaning, purpose, and its ultimate destiny.  The preciousness of all life and nature continues to intrigue and inspire me to carefully study by visual dissection of human nature and social discourse to help me more fully appreciate and convey the universal underlying wisdom that lies within.


Through my art I strive to invite viewers to take the time to appreciate the present, but also consider the future and to realize that the challenges and desires faced today many times are shared with all living entities , (struggle for survival, discrimination, freedom, peace, comfort, etc.), in one sense or another what it means to be a life-force on the planet and how might we best be prepared for our destiny.

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